Islamic Peace Ethics: A Research Network (IPERN) is an international and interdisciplinary academic forum that connects the researchers on the normative aspects of violence, peace and war from Islamic perspective. IPERN was established in October 2015 in Hamburg, Germany during the international workshop that Institute for Theology and Peace (ithf) organized on Islamic peace ethics. ITHF is a Catholic academic centre that studies peace and war issues from Catholic theology and ethics. However, ITHF has launched recently research projects on peace ethics in other religious traditions especially in Judaism and Islam. Since 2013 there is an ongoing research project on Islamic Peace Ethics.

IPERN’s main activities are currently organising a biennial conference and management of an email group. IPERN welcomes new members from all academic, cultural and national backgrounds. For requesting membership in the network and email group please send an email with a short CV to shadi@ithf.de.